The Daintree river

Sunrise on the Daintree river

White-Bellied Sea Eagle

Baby Saltie

Great-Billied Heron

I had an excellent early morning cruise on the Daintree river with Solar Whisper cruises. We set out from the ferry crossing before sunrise and set off down stream to capture the sunrise from a wide section of the river, Although it was an overcast morning the sun put on a great show as it rose above the river. We then set off up river to explore along the banks for wildlife, as we cruised along we came across a large array of birds including Egrets, Striated Herons and Azure Kingfishers, as the morning went on we came across 3 baby crocs, several green frogs and snakes hanging on branches that overhung the rivers edge. Then a Great- Billed Heron came flying by before we found a nesting Papuan Frog-mouth. Further up river was the daddy of all birds, A large adult White-Bellied Sea Eagle up high on a dead tree watching over it’s domain.

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