The Jardine river mouth enters the Gulf of Carpentaria, North Western Cape York

Heli fishing at Pundsand Bay, Cape York

Aboriginal rock art near Chillagoe, Cape York

Buttress roots along the Melany river

Archer Point south of Cooktown, Cape York

West coast river system

Boulder fields of Cape Mellville, Cape York

Remote cay in Princess Charlotte bay

Looking north from above Cooktown, Cape York

Tributary to the Jacky Jacky river system, Eastern Cape York

Cooktown, Cape York

Mount Mulligan

The mouth of the Jardine river, Cape York

Twin sand dunes on eastern coast of Cape York

Lakefield national park, Cape York

ww2 gun emplacement, Torres Straits

Twin falls on the north eastern coast of Cape York

Boulder fields of Cape Mellville

Tributary to the Jacky Jacky river system, Eastern Cape York

Twin lagoons on Blue Lagoon station, western Cape York

The Melany river, Cape York

Stewart river sunset, Eastern Cape York

Palm forest in Lakefield national park

West coast shoreline

Common Crow butterflies, Cape York

East coast river, Cape York

The most norther point of the Australian mainland

Late afternoon light over Thursday island. Torres Strait

East coast floodplains of Cape York

Torres Strait sunset

Cape York, The most northern point on the Australian mainland

The Jardine river mouth

Gun emplacement, Tirres Straits

Torres Strait light house

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